At the start of a new journey


Here I am – at the start of a new adventure and lucky enough to share it with my best friend – Joshua, my hubby (to-be). I’ve been wanting to start this blog for about a month now.

I am so excited that I will be married soon and my head is full of home décor ideas, things to do for my wedding, things to think about. I want to write all these thoughts down so that I will have lovely memories for my lifetime- thus this blog! I know I’m a good writer but I’m still scared of sharing my thoughts and ideas 🙂 .What if I have nothing to write about??  What if my posts are boring and blehh?

Still- I can’t get that urge to write out of my head 😛 So here I am starting off this blog – which will be home to décor, craft, home-making and housekeeping, cooking, random rambling and more 🙂

If you’re here….do let me know how you found me 🙂 I will be thrilled when you come back here and read more 🙂


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