We found a house!!


Joshua, my dad and I went and checked out a rental apartment last weekend on 29h July 2012. I didn’t expect to find an apartment so soon and so near his current house and near my house too – but we did find it 🙂

I was so excited to go check out a house – even saying it sounds so grown up 😛 It also maybe because Joshua and I are currently in the “official” dating phase of our “arranged” marriage  😉 Going and seeing a house is a bit like playing “house” 🙂

We both loved the place and have decided to rent out the apartment for at least a year though it is a bit expensive (what with the maintenance charges etc) and it is quite a big place for two of us (it’s a 3 bed room apartment).

Our new flat is on the second floor -has a lift but I plan to take the stairs in an attempt to control my fluffiness 🙂 We will have a big living room with a balcony, a dining room, a kitchen,  3 bedrooms with 2 attached bathrooms and 1 common bathroom. As of now, we don’t need 3 bed rooms so the smallest bedroom will most probably become my craft room and entertainment den – what luxury!! We won’t be needing 3 bathrooms either so one will become our laundry area too… Oh the potential!!! All the floor space sounds nice and airy to have – but with fun comes responsibility  – so that means yours truly will have to be a organized and responsible wife – scary but fun!!!

We’ve been talking almost every day about what we should do with the house – not a major discussion but a bit here and there in the course of our chats that sometimes last till 3 am! I will post more about our plans once we manage to pin down a particular style for each room. Of course, we won’t be allowed to paint the walls but I’m hoping my interior decor skills are rad enough to decorate our home without having to paint our generic rental “cream” walls in any other color!


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