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I think these must be the famous pre-wedding jitters that all brides-to-be are supposed to be afflicted with…in my case, i am worried that i will not be able to get everything done in time for the wedding….on top of that, looking at photos of our new rental house makes me worried about how in the world I will keep it clean! I am not a neat freak and often I can find stuff only if it is messy 🙂
Both Joshua and I will be working in our full time jobs…the average time we’re out of the house being 7.30 am to 10.30pm give or take some minutes 😦 so…that means I will have to be supraa dupraa organized to handle my job, the home cleaning and the cooking…the last one being the one that worries me the most cos I am a next to zero experience cook! When I see experienced women who cook for their entire house and work full time, it scares the living daylights out of me 😦
I was scouting around the internet for ways in which I can organize myself and take care of my hubby and new home – that’s when it struck me that I should totally make myself a Home Planner (I’ve always been a planner girl from as long as I can remember – I love to write lists and plan things out). Some Google-searches later, I found out about this great idea – to make a Home Management Binder!! This nifty binder is supposed to house everything from your cleaning achedules to your weekly menu plans…that’s pretty neat and sounds do-able- right?
My craft project for this weekend is making myself this binder and filling it with all the info I need so that I am prepared to run a household without too much worry.
This is the binder that I am going to use…I already had a plain black binder/notebook lying around at home…yes, the cover has Snoopy on it …that’s to cheer me up and be less serious…grow old but never grow up huh? Yes mam!

I dowloaded some free printables for all the sections I need to put into the binder and I combined them all into one neat PDF that I just need to take to my corner Xerox shop and get printed (if I took twenty different PDFs to the shop and asked them to print, I can’t be sure they’ll do all of them properly- usually they are so busy that goof-ups are common). I still need to make a couple of pages in MS Publisher to tailor them to my needs…cos most of the freee printables are from non-Indian homes and they deal with things like snow shovelling schedules etc which I don’t need 🙂 I will share more about my binder once I actually finish it and will give links to the printables too.
My sweet mom is also writing down a list of easy recipes that even a newbie cook like me can do 🙂 let’s see if I can do them or if I will end up burning food and then ordering takeout!! Phew! I feel slightly better now…after I get this binder thingy done, I need to concentrate on my wedding shopping and take care of that too….
What are your tips for an organized household? How did you take care of all the stuff you had to do – was it all in your head or did you have to write it down somewhere like me?


2 thoughts on “Home Planning

  1. Finally, u wont have time to open and flip a page in the binder 🙂 COoking is fun. I learnt how to use the pressure cooker in the USA though in India, I used to love experimenting. Waiting to see you soon and hey make some time also for me to learn some craft prjs.

    Start trying out with hubbie loves this kinda dishes and you will be whizzing through the kitchen in no time.

    • sarahjoshua

      Lol – that’s true Sowmie 🙂 the binder will most probably be forgotten soon.
      I will need to learn how to cook meat 🙂 sometime…otherwise hubby likes dal and veggies 🙂 so pressure cooker for me too…
      Joshua is a real sweetheart for eating veggies when we’re out together 🙂

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