Why I write


I love to write…i’ve had multiple notebooks where I’ve written down all sorts of things that I’ve wanted to remember for later…I’ve been writing these notes for as long as I can remember too…I have a craft blog but I haven’t written since My family started bridegroom hunting – which was in April 2012.
I usually write stuff down – memories that I want to secret away for my lifetime but then I also usually forget where and what I have written.. This is why I started this blog- to save my memories of this time- of being engaged, of preparing for our wedding, of starting a shared life together and making our new home.
One inspired day last week, I installed the DraftCraft app on my iPad and it’s SO much easier to blog now…I love that I don’t have to switch on my computer to write and I love that I can take photos on my iPad ad then insert them into posts…I hope this will make my blogging more regular and interesting too…This is a personal blog after all…I don’t write to make money and I don’t have any readers yet but I still want to save my thoughts here 🙂


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