Halka Phulkas and sectional sofas :)


If you haven’t had your lunch by the time you are reading this post. – then I do apologize for all the food descriptions in it 🙂
Yesterday was a happy and busy day….sometimes I wonder where my weekend goes…One day is spent catching up with all the home stuff I want to do and he other day whizzes past when I spend it with Joshua- I wish workdays went by this fast and weekends would slow down!!

We started off our half-day together by having lunch at Mast Kalandar in Velachery- my first visit to the place… I am so proud to say that my hubby knows exactly how much I can eat and he has a good idea of the tastes that appeal to me 🙂 He suggested that we have the HP3 or Halka Phulka combo – and indeed it was yummy..best decision of the day hubby 😀 Three phulkas, one katori of panneer butter masala, one katori of dal, a dry potato and channa sabzi, a channa salad, some boondi raita, a gulab jamun and a glass of chaas later – we set off again on our expedition of the day – to scout out furniture for our new home 🙂

First on our list was Ekbote (on OMR). Jimmy * (hello! namaskaram) and Teena* already have a gorgeous, boat shaped low- sofa/ divan from there at home now. We saw the same sofa there and we thought we would end up getting the same one maybe in a different color but that’s when we saw Mr.L – a comfortable L shaped sectional that is detachable and can be used separately as a three seater and a lounger. Here- you can drool at him too now 🙂 Just imagine sinking into all those cushions with a glass of lime juice and watching T.V 🙂

(Jimmy is my hubby’s twin and Teena is his wife – they’re more like my own bro and sis now so I won’t call them “in-laws” here).

We don’t really mind the leaf print fabric but we will most probably get it changed with a solid beige or coffee brown color fabric to keep pur decorating options open 🙂 The big rectangular cushions at the back will most probably stay the same color though. We will most probably be taking Mr L home after we show him off to Jimmy and Teena and if they like him as much as we do 🙂

We looked at their beds and dining tables but nothing impressed us so we left Ekbote and headed to Home Centre by Lifestyle in Alwarpet. Of all days – we turned up correctly when there was an upto 50 % off sale there 🙂 We browsed around the kitchen stuff – finally
I got to see a wall-mounted magnetic knife holder in Chennai (it was about 300 Rs if I remember correctly). There were these cute ceramic jars and utensil holders too that had names of food items on them like Coffee, Tea, Sugar etc…

We then saw these comfy, rocking recliners that had such deceptively low pricing that we both read the price card twice and then checked with the salesman too…apparently they were priced lower than usual only for the sale and they would go back to being atleast 10,000 Rs more than the current price after the sale ended on August 19th…

We both liked the rich coffee brown of the single recliners…but we’ll probably have to wait till January to get them when they go on sale again..we could get them in the sale now but we don’t have any place to put it since we’re going to rent our apartment only from next month. Maybe we’ll find similar recliners that are affordable somewhere 🙂 And so we decided to stop our furniture window shopping or the day.

From there we went to Freez Zoone and after much deliberation over the menu, we shared a Mango sundae and a Mocha Espresso shake…oooh it was sooo good! Then it was time to o back home…so home we went. Half a day with each other rushes by so fast…dammit :p


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