Such a beautiful day!


Yesterday was a very beautiful day spent with Joshua and later with my mom…the three of us went for dinner to New Town Coffee House on the East Coast Road…creamy Penne with pesto, jamaican jumbo prawns with mashed potatoes and two panna cottas were on the menu…had a peaceful drive back home…

New Town has a beautiful ambience…dark brown wicker chairs and glass topped wicker tables, flickering LED tealights at each table, good music, fresh sea breeze and great service…I would go back there again and again just for their service…every waiter was kind and courteous …so refreshing to be attended to instead of being made to feel like we owe them something 🙂 I would recommend going there 🙂

Joshua and I had gone to Crimson Chakra on Khader Nawaz Khan road (it was formerly Casa Piccola but we didn’t know that Crimson Chakra had taken over…oh well…the food was good as always!)
First we had a roasted vegetable salad with cabbage, wasabi, red, yellow and green bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and cucumber…that was by far the best salad I’ve ever eaten in my life…my hubby has an impeccable food taste and I love him to bits for that cos usually I never know what to order unless it’s dessert 🙂

Presenting to you the remains of that salad – it never stood a chance against me 🙂

We also had a vegetable lasagna that had spinach and cheese in it and was suitably yum 🙂 You can see it in the next pic ….At the precise picture taking moment it was unharmed by us 🙂 and then it ceased to exist 🙂

That’s hubby showing me the right way to eat tasty salad btw 🙂

All that describing of food almost made me forget what I wanted to say in the first place….days like yesterday remind me of my blessings from God…loving parents and a loving husband…I still don’t feel like I deserve any of my blessings but I will work as hard as I can to avoid disappointing them.

Sometimes when my hubby is kind to makes me want to cry..his soft words go straight to my heart and make me all goo 🙂 On Saturday night I was in a killer bad mood because I was worried about one of my cousins needing spinal surgery for prolapsed discs…Joshua had gone to the Mahabalipuram beach that day with Teena’s uncle and family who were visiting…I missed him soo much but I was trying not to keep hounding him with calls…and that had put me into an even more foul mood :p but my hubby was soooo sweet that I have no words to explain…when he called me at night, he knew something was wrong though I had my typical “nothing” replies in place…Even though he was really tired he was so patient and kind to me that all I wanted to do was just hug him and horrible ugly but happy cry..I seriously don’t deserve such niceness 🙂 and yes my bad mood just disappeared 🙂

I sometimes wonder why God gave me such a precious person to love even though I am not worthy…I say I am not worthy cos I have none of those virtues that Joshua has…I am quick to anger, impatient, moody and generally crabby 🙂 I think this is all part of a improvement plan God has in mind for me…seeing my hubby I want to be a better person. I want to be calm like him, loving like him and most of all patient like him…I thank God every day for giving me a blessing like Joshua. I’m humbled and so very thankful for him. Even when we are married and we get used to having each other around all the time, I don’t want to ever end up taking him for granted…that’s why I just HAD to post this so that I remember and cherish my living blessing for ever.


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