Welcome Home Baby


I’ve been busy the last few days both at work and after…Teena will be discharged from hospital today πŸ™‚ I am glad she is feeling better though it will take her time to recover her strength.
Joshua and I planned to decorate their house with balloons as a surprise for Teena when she brings home baby girl. So the past few days I was thinking of what we could do πŸ™‚
After our vist to the hospital, Joshua, Pappa (his dad) and I made a quick stop at Landmark and bought pink ribbon, some pink, silver and white balloons. They both went home and then the decorating began…
Pappa and Jimmy inflated all the balloons…Good thing we bought a balloon pump too yesterday – otherwise they would have been tired out!!!

They decorated the table with some greeting cards we bought yesterday…how much I love that Pink bear!!! They also added some little tags that I’d made to the table top…Note the photo frame too from my previous post…
I also made a little baby album that you can see in this pic..will post more photos of it later.

A close up of the pretty pink and yellow tags…They’re actually made using a free Girl Baby Shower printable set I downloaded from Catch My Party.com πŸ™‚ I can’t remember the name of the designer though, so I’ll have to look up that one and tell you.
There were two designs, one side says “Sweet Baby Girl” and the other side has a cute pink onsie on it. I cut out all the squares (16 of them), stuck them together back-to-back, with a little ribbon loop sandwiched in between, and then cut off the corners with my corner punch. (I think my corner punch is the best craft tool I’ve ever bought! The rounded corners just make everything look so much nicer and more finished.)

The same Girl Baby Shower printable set included bunting printables to make this lovely “It’s a girl !” banner…Don’t you just love that cute little pink onesie dress??

I also printed out a free pink and purple circular banner from Sarah Hope Designs to spell out ” Welcome Home Baby”. Cutting all the printables was a lot of work and took me two nights and some hours in the morning but I enjoyed it all the same!

I hope it will be a nice surprise for Teena and that she will like it πŸ™‚ New mommies deserve to be pampered as they take on the new responsibilities of looking after their sweet babies!!

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