The Eventful Week That Was


I don’t mean to sound like a newsreader or something…but phew..the past week was sooo busy – at work and otherwise…
Let me start with the nice part of the week πŸ™‚ Last Saturday, after we visited Teena; Pappa, Joshua and I decided to stop for dinner before they dropped me back home. We had one to Landmark to buy balloons and ribbon, so Ispahani Centre was just across the road. Joshua and I had gone to Ente Keralam for lunch and had tucked into a full course Kerala style Onam Sadhya meal…we were not too hungry after that and we thought we would go to Cafe Coffee Day and eat some sandwiches perhaps. It started raining and as we darted from the parking lot, we spotted colorful orange, white and green balloons on the ground floor of the mall…turns out it was a new subway sandwich shop called Quiznos. So, being the food adventurous sort of people we are, we went there for dinner.
Pappa had a cream of tomato soup with garlic bread and a mint and coriander sammie (in the pic below). Joshua had a Chipotle Chicken sub and I had an Italian Veggie sub using Garli Bread πŸ™‚ Such a yummy meal it was indeedy!!
Here’s my new daddy and me πŸ™‚

And a tired but happy hubby too…

I think we will go again there sometime, though I don’t know when…we need to start our wedding shopping and making arrangements for our big day in October…we have to furnish our flat πŸ™‚ Things are going to get a lot more busy around here!
The whole week was busy at work, but Monday started well enough πŸ™‚ Joshua invited me as his date for their company’s Quarterly Award ceremony that was being held at Fortune Select Hotel..Hubby received the ACE -Good Samaritan award for the quarter – I am SOO proud of him and his hard work! Just the previous Friday, we heard that hubby was being promoted to Associate Project Manager at his workplace! Woot Woot!! I am praying that my hubby will receive many more successes and get recognition at his workplace. It was such a lovely evening spent with Joshua, his boss Prabhu and his wife and son Arnav. Oh and the food was fabulous tooo!!
This Sunday, one of Joshua’s best friends Sandeep (he’s actually like a brother to him) is getting married to Sreelakshmi in Kerala…so Joshua caught the Friday night train to Kerala – how much I will miss him!! But we snuck in a few minutes together on Friday cos he picked me up from work in the evening πŸ™‚ otherwise I would have been far more glum and would have missed him even more! Those were the happy parts of the week…apart from my missing Joshua of course!
Now for the gloomy part…my Nokia E63 seems to hate me today…first it kept switching off or getting stuck..then it locks itself! With a darn lock code that I didn’t set!!! I took it to the Nokia Priority store and the dude helpfully tells me the lock code but doesn’t turn the auto lock off! Then I discovered that the auto-lock cannot be turned off in any way…I was so fed up with the phone that I decided I will get a new one…Now I’m a Blackberry girl πŸ™‚ I got tired of the Nokias, the Samsungs, the Sony Ericsons and I don’t have the kind of money it takes for an iPhone!
excuse the blurry pic but that’s my new Blackberry Curve phone…I even got a hard cover phone case with screen protector to keep my bb safe. All bases covered you think??

So…how have you all been? anything conked out this week?

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