Where did all the days go?


Says my iPad…52 days..left…for our wedding…eeeeks…

The whole of last month went by seemingly slowly at the time…but now the days seem to be flying by..
Everyone who sees me asks me “wedding prep all done?” and then they look incredulously at me when I say I haven’t even started!! Should I be worried? OF COURSE I AM WORRIED! Phew 🙂 I think I am turning into Bridezilla!!!
My poor hubby…i think i have been quite a nag these past few days…I am stressed at work..the thought of having to work weekends when you should be out house shopping or preparing is enough to drive anyone nuts!! I am so nervous about getting everything done before the wedding…worried about having enough time to set up house….sigh!!! I wish I wouldn’t freak out but the sole aim of everyone around seems to be to make me freak out!!! What was I doing all these days???Oh yes I was out having fun with my hubby :)! These things catch up to you sometime don’t they!!!
Onto good things…I heard that one of my friends is pregnant and is due in Jan 🙂 yahooo….one more baby shower to prepare 🙂 BTW, as you may have already guessed..i love party / get together planning! I love getting friends together, i absolutely love making decorations and gifts…The smile you see on the recipient’s face is just priceless- makes all your hard work worth it!!!
Though I love parties..I’ve never been to many…we never had birthday parties as a kid…that’s something I want to do for my children for as long as I can 🙂 my first birthday party was…yup…it was in my final year of post- graduate college…my best friend Supriya (she is more my soul-sister than friend) had organized it with a handful of my closest friends at night in my hostel room…we had cake and I was duly smeared in it too…no decorations and all but thinking of it brings tears to my eyes…I’m getting all sentimental…truth is that I miss my friends…all of them have married and settled down…or like Supriya…they’re not even in Chennai anymore….I miss having her around…here’s my little sis with her pup Boss…

I hope she can make it for my wedding..there’s no one else I’d rather see that day…would be such a comfort to me…I’m hoping and praying and wishing she does come!

How has your week been? Are you happier now that Friday is around the corner or are you moping around like me?

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