By The Hand From The Heart


I went handmade item shopping today….I thought I would start a little bit of my shopping for my new house…By The Hand From the Heart is having their September sale at Ispahani Centre, yesterday and today….I checked their Facebook page and saw a lot of interesting shops so I decided to go 🙂 and what a good thing that decision was! Some sellers were really interesting to talk to and some were not even interested in peeling themselves off their cellphones!!

Let me show you what I got today…

I’ve been to this exhibition almost three times now and my first stop is always “Chennaigaga”!!! I love their entire range of quirky Chennai themed souvenirs, tshirts, mugs and more…Today I was on a mission to buy myself a bag and something for our home…so here it is…
My four summers of Chennai bag…those grinning suns make me sooooo happy!!

And two mugs…A Madras Central Railway Station mug for me…and a Madras Melodies mug for Joshua. My hubby is an awesome singer and loves melodious music unlike my heavy metal and rock-loving self so I thought the music mug would be perfect for him 🙂

And since I was the first customer of the day…and a returning one, the seller, Sujatha Tarakesan gave me a free “Chennaigaga” shopping bag!!! how cool is that 🙂

That done, I saw some handmade wooden trays by “Needle n’ Thread” with hand-embroidered fabric backing and I had to get one 🙂 To serve tea to my guests in future of course! I liked all the trays, but this blue one was just calling my name!! The design being S-shaped increases it’s value to me ..ha ha 🙂

Then I saw some block printed table napkins and runners at the “Cannanore” stall…but the seller was nowhere to be found..though I patiently kept coming back to the table again and again…so I didn’t buy them…I may make some for myself later 😉

I was very tempted to buy a clutch or a handbag from “22.2. Accessories”, but the seller was on the phone the whole time and wouldn’t even lookup!! Such a turn off compared to the other attentive sellers!! So that’s one more thing I didn’t buy 🙂

I also wanted a small bucket/ pot to keep my kitchen stuff in – like spoons, ladles, whisks etc…so I went to “The Little Green Shop” and picked up two of their little painted metal pails – one blue and one white 🙂 They have many more lovely things for the garden like watering cans, planters, little pots that you can hang on your blacony grills or handrails…I think they have every shade imaginable 🙂 but I didn’t want to go too girly with it so I got my favorite blue and white.

My last stop, was at “Erarte”. the designer Jai is a collector of vintage artwork and a really interesting person to talk to. Full of vintage artwork style posters, table mats, coasters, wooden boxes and more…walking into this booth felt like walking into vintage heaven 🙂

Though my powers of self-control were sorely tested, I bought only two things. The first one, is a gift for my hubby…so I won’t post it here cos I know he reads this blog sometimes 🙂 The second one is also a gift for my hubby, but I love it so much that I am going to post it here!

I bought a set of four vintage “drink” coasters…I loved all the artwork on it…especially the little girl holding a 6-pack of Coca Cola 🙂 These are for my hubby’s bar area….

And they came in this gorgeous paper box!!! I may never throw it away, ever!!

Don’t ask me how much I spent cos I didn’t count…at the risk of sounding crazy, I will still say that shopping really is therapy! I was in a bad mood yesterday, today was much worse and has a chance to get worse, though I will soon forget whatever upset me in the first place 🙂 …
Meeting the sellers at Chennaigaga and Erarte was a good experience for me and I hope hubby will like the things I bought for him as much as I do 🙂

Some contact details of the sellers, in case you are interested:
Chennaigaga –
Erarte –, +91- 9884422933,
The Little Green Shop – +9144 43518045, +91 9840094092,, #15, Palur Kanniappan Street, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004.
Needle n’ Thread – e Happening, B-67 Mandie Marg, Mahanagar, Lucknow.

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