Goan glass earrings


Anyone who knows me is probably familiar to the fact that I love earrings…from the ones that I make for myself, to the ones that I buy…I have quite a few. It was a pleasant surprise when I got hme from work today and found this box of 12 pairs of handmade glass earrings from Goa awaiting me πŸ™‚ the earrings are a gift from my mother’s friend. Thank you Vimala aunty!!!

So of course I had to try a few on.. How’s this blue one?

Or these spiralling clear glass ones?

Note: Please excuse the ehausted expressions, these pics were taken after work πŸ™‚

Do you like the cream and red curlicued pattern fabric in the earring photo? Well that is a metre of fabric that I bought and want to make into something useful for my kitchen- I’m thinking dishtowels or an apron. Have any ideas you would like to share? What would you make from this gorgeous fabric??

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