Mid-week happiness


I wait for the weekends the rest of the week and those two days just flit by!! I feel so reluctant to get back to work…I’d rather be with Joshua and spend time with him…but one has to work to feed oneself 😦
I am no singer, but my hubby does make my heart sing 🙂 I had a lovely weekend with him…sorry we forgot to take snaps though…
We went to our flat and measured the windows for which we need curtains. Most of the windows ( except for the kitchen and bathrooms) have the weird recessed curtain tracks…we still have to figure out where to get curtains to go with those! I also gave him whatever I’d bought from the By The Hand show…we checked all the taps, the lights and other fittings too just to make sure that everything was ok.
We also went out for dinner on Saturday to Crimson Chakra – both of use weren’t very hungry so we shared a plate of blackened cottage cheese with boiled veggies – it tasted better than it sounds 🙂 and we shared a caramel custard pudding with orange brandy sauce….that was so yum!! If I didn’t love my hubby so much I wouldn’t have shared it with him……just saying 😉
Sunday night dinner was Appam and vegetable stew at Ente Keralam and hubby had some beef fry too…I had a scoop of Jackfruit icecream to complete my meal 🙂 My hubby isn’t big on sweets like I am.
Remeber I’d said I had a surprise gift for Joshua from Erarte…here it is..It’s a washable mat with Vintage Whisky Artwork for our future bar area 🙂

My weekend was so good that I have been in an incredibly good mood so far…Add to that the fact that my weekly night status call for work got cancelled…yipppeeeee!!l

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