My blessings and some sadness


Sometimes life does not turn out according to our plans…this past weekend was a prime example 😦

My parents and I thought we would get some wedding shopping done and move on with our wedding preparations last weekend, but life had other plans….My granduncle (my father’s aunt- Susy Ammachy’s husband), who is like a grandfather to me passed away on the 28th, Friday at 8.30 pm. The irony of life is that we had to have his funeral service on Sunday, 30th September, which would have been his 87th birthday 😦 😦 I am relieved and comforted by the fact that he died a painless, quick death and that he didn’t have to suffer or be taken to the hospital and be poked and prodded!

My Appachen was a sweet, sunny person – with never a harsh word for us kids, we were all pampered by him with chocolates, little gifts from his travels outside India and also slipped the occasional glass of homemade wine on the side 🙂 Appachen was an entrepreneurial genius and built many business including a printing press and a famous Kerala-cuisine restaurant in Chennai called Kalpakka. He was an adventurous soul who was always game for road-trips and travel in spite of his advancing years. I have never heard him complain about anything in his life- however things turned out. Though he was ill and weak, he came to my house on the morning of my engagement on July 14th just to bless me. He was actually planning to come by train to Kerala for my wedding this month.

I feel like he was the grandfather I never got to have in real-life (both my grandfathers passed away before I could know them). I loved his snowy-white hair that used to get all fluffy when he got excited while talking about his favorite subject – Politics 🙂

May God bless him and keep him in his presence.

Meanwhile, my mom and I managed to get some things done on Saturday morning – we ordered my invitation cards for my wedding (finally!), we got my trial saree blouses from a new tailor we were trying out and I also managed to run out in the morning and buy a wedding gift for my childhood friend Olivia who’s getting married on the same day as I am! I got her a beautiful pink, cutwork- embroidered bed sheet and pillow cases from Victoria Technical Institute 🙂

We heard that 12 of our relatives from Kerala were coming by van to Chennai to attend the funeral on Sunday. My dad went ahead to Appachen’s house by 10 am. My mom and I arranged for breakfast for our relatives and managed to get everybody ready by 11 am (superhuman bathing skills were exercised by everyone who used our 3 bathrooms to get ready in 45 minutes!) for the prayer at Appachen’s house which was followed by the burial at Kilpauk Cemetery at 12 noon. Joshua came to my house early in the morning to help with all the arrangements – though he had just driven back to Chennai from a work trip to Bangalore the previous night. My poor hubby was stuck talking to all my relatives while my mom and I were busy serving breakfast – he managed really well considering that he has never met most of my relatives 😀 I am so proud of him – I couldn’t do that ever- I have issues in chatting with unknown relatives- I’m very aware that my Malayalam language skills and family tree knowledge is bad 🙂

Joshua ferried us back and forth from the house to Appachen’s house, to the cemetery and back. He and I also had to run out and buy burgers for my two young cousins to eat on their return trip as they are real picky eaters 😛  We scrapped against a garbage truck in the middle and got dirty green paint onto Joshua’s Honda also 😦 sigh!

My hubby is such a kind and loving person – I always feel like crying out of happiness when I think about his sweetness and kindness! After all that driving, he somehow found the energy to show my relatives the way out from Chennai and led them by his car till the highway out of our city. He also dropped my cousin Appu at his college hostel…and took me out for dinner!!! Isn’t Joshua a sweetheart 🙂 Days like this remind me how much I love him and how lucky I am to be married to him!

Both of us were tired after the whole day and we were half asleep through our Chinese buffet at Mainland China! I have said it before, but I’ll say it again – Joshua is my blessing from God. I am sooo grateful and humbled that God has blessed me so much 🙂

I still need to get some dental work done and give my wedding saree and dinner reception saree blouse for stitching and buy my wedding ring…it will happen I suppose- but I’m still anxious 🙂 Once a worrier, always a worrier! And oh! I almost forgot – my wireless router got fried on Friday evening and so I don’t have internet at home at the moment- it might be a while till I come back online and post so don’t get worried 🙂 This also put a full-stop on my photo a day project before my wedding 😦 Maybe I will take the photos and post them all together anyway…let me see…

Anyway – I hope your week is better than my weekend 🙂 and my apologies for such a long post- I had many things to say and I needed to get them off my mind 🙂


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