In my Kitchen so far…


Everyday I used to call my mum and ask her about what to cook or how to cook it.
When I started cooking last month, I didn’t even know how to cook rice 🙂 I am terrified of gas stoves – lighting them using a match freaks me out! Nowadays, thanks to Joshua who got me the self-ignite glass top stove from Butterfly, I am so proud and satisfied to say that I can cook “normal food” and have learnt so much from last month.

Last week, my mother suggested that I write down what all I’ve cooked so that I can remember it later – what a great idea! I always want to write down or record things – what I feel, what I did and where all I went….but I forget to do just that all the time! I should really do this with my baking also – I keep wondering how a certain recipe came out and if I need to improve on it in any way. So here goes – my recipe log! (I may move it into a separate blog page sometime….)

In the last month, I haven’t really cooked much but here are some of the dishes I made:

  • Bittergourd Fry
  • Paneer Butter Masala (made using a recipe from the Edible Garden blog by Nagalakshmi)
  • Paneer Burji
  • Kadai Paneer (so many paneer recipes!!Notice a theme here?)
  • Capsicum and Tomato Masala
  • Sweet and Sour Brinjal
  • Kovakkai Fry
  • Penne Pasta with red tomato sauce

Jeez! I really need to learn how to cook some vegetables!


On the sweeter side, I’ve had some success – with mostly new and untried recipes….During the last month, I made:

  • Key Lime Pie (recipe coming soon)
  • Best Brownies (recipe coming soon again)
  • Lemon Diva Cake with Lemon Glaze (also taken from the Edible Garden blog by Nagalakshmi).

What have you been up to? What are your favorite blogs for cooking? Do share them in your comments.


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