Christmas 2012 and a Lemon Diva Cake


This post is very late- but never mind 🙂 🙂

I had a family filled Christmas week 🙂

On Monday, 24th December, my bro-in-law and wife – Jimmy and Teena joined us after I came home from work. The four of us made a yummy Lemon Diva cake and it was fabulous 🙂 The recipe is from Nagalakshmi‘s blog Edible Garden. You can find it here.

The ingredient measuring was by me and all the heavy- mixing by the two strong men – my hubby and bro!! Here’s the Lemon Diva Cake fresh out of the oven and still in its 10″ cake pan.


Then we went to Jimmy’s house to have dinner as I hadn’t cooked with all the baking 😛 By the time we got back home it was 1.30 am. And then my husband and I were still so enthusiastic that we ended up with this – thick lemon glaze with silver sprinkles and sugar flowers – YUMMY!!!


Mixing and mixing in my kitchen….Like my Chennaigaga Auto (tuk-tuk) tshirt? It actually deserves a whole other post on its own!! 😉


Look what our Santas gave us!!! Two watches 🙂

Thanks Joshua for my Fossil watch 😉 I love it to bits!


Oh! Almost forgot – Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a grand 2013!!


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