January Cure on Apartment Therapy -Day 1


So in my usual impulsive fashion, I’ve jumped into Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.

What is this Cure business? you ask.

The January cure is:

getting ready to get organized!” – Apartment Therapy

This cure is a group activity where you can sign up and get Apartment Therapy emails from January 2 through February 1. It includes info on getting your home clean, organized and spiffy for the new year – all in one month. One of the AT contributors – Tara will also be live-blogging the whole Cure….

Each email will include a link to a master post that will include an assignment, info, links, and more – everything you need to stay on task and hit your goal, delivered to your inbox throughout the month-long January Cure.” -Apartment Therapy

You can get more details for the January Cure here and sign up here.

Why do we need the cure? 

My husband and I moved into our rental apartment just about 1.5 months ago. We’re still buying basic furniture (yup…we don’t have our dining table yet!) but we’ve only begun to discover stuff that is just WRONG with our apartment…leaky taps, broken door handles – you name it we’ve got it! I just jumped into this with both feet and I hope my husband is similarly enthusiastic about it 😛

Day 1 Assignment: Make a list of projects

Our list is really long – and we do have time to get down to it (we may not be able to finish it in a month anyway) but I want to get a head start on it as my husbands birthday is in mid-Jan and he wants to call some friends over to celebrate…..

So…ta-da…drumroll please!!! Presenting….

Our House To-Do Jumbo List:


-Make a nice doorplate/ door hanging/ welcome wreath
-Fix outside light and clean lamp shade
-Get a shoe-rack
-Vacuum doormat

Living Room/ Hall

-Furnish the room and decide on decor scheme and accessories.
-Find a seating arrangement that works
-Create a ‘landing area’ for keys and small items
-Hang photo frame on wall facing door – take photos and print
-Tidy T.V cables and cords
-Frame my brother’s seascape painting and hang it up

Hall Balcony

-Get some green plants – flowering cacti/ money plants?
-Re-tie the clothesline
-Get a small shelf to hold clothespins and plants

Dining Room

-Hang up the curtains
-Buy a dining table and chairs


-Fit the water purifier
-Get purifier tap covers
-Fix leaky tap of water dispenser
-Get and install magnetic knife rack
-Get a spoon stand
-Add some framed art
-Get a clock for the kitchen
-Get a kitchen timer
-Organize pantry, shelves, cupboards, and fridge
-Clean and organize underneath the sink
-Organize Plastic Covers
-Organize box storage
-Find a shelf for my cookbooks

Kitchen Balcony

-Fix the drippy sink and create a proper washing area
-Tie a clothes line to use in monsoon seasons

Common Bathroom

-Fix the broken tap in the washbasin
-Fix the leaky flush tank
-Fix the unusable commode
-Add some framed art

Guest Bedroom

-Organize household linens into the closet
-Put away holiday decorations into overhead storage
-Organize laundry and cleaning supplies elsewhere (not in dressing area )
-Find a place for the laundry basket
-Get curtains for window

Guest Bathroom

-Permanently unclog drains
-Fix tubelight
-Make the flush tank stop dripping

Master Bedroom

-Organize top of dresser

-Hang one piece of art
-Reorganize my Closet
-Get one more white basket for storing hubby’s socks and handkerchiefs
-Vacuum floormat

Master Bathroom

– Hang artwork
-Vacuum doormat

Office Room

-Fix leaky window pane that drips onto our floor
-Move plastic table in and set up workstation
-Buy two plastic chairs
-Hang one piece of art
-Get curtains for window
-Get a printer
-Fix the internet connection (Wi-Fi)
-Organize our important documents and papers
-Hang a blackboard/ bulletin board


-Hang artwork

Are you in for a cure? 

Just the thought of a clean, functional home was enough to make me sign up for this activity. May be you don’t have that much to do around your homes – they must be already organized…or maybe you stay with your parents or in-laws – it doesn’t matter! You could probably just pick one or two areas to focus on – like a kitchen and bedroom. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the organizing after you start it.

You can sign up here and thank me later 🙂

P.S: Let me know if you are participating – maybe we could do a blog hop/ exchange or something?


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