Top Picks Series and a Blue, Blue green and Yellow Home Office


I am a newbie to the world of interior design blogging but I’ve been interested in interior design since my teens – just ask my mom – she’s paid for thousands of interior design magazines 😉 

I’ve followed the Dress Your Home blog by Lakshmi for quite some time and I love her valuable information on home decor (especially painting) and organization. Lakshmi features her top 5 picks for a particular item/theme – be it fabric, home organizing picks or baking supplies as a series of posts titled – Friday Shopping. From these posts, I came across this online Indian shopping site called Lime Road. (I haven’t bought anything from them yet – because I can’t decide which things I want to buy first!) Since I like virtual window shopping – I thought I would do a similar series – focusing on things that I would like to buy mainly and things that fit a particular theme. Though I can’t promise to be regular, I can promise you that I will show you only things that I think are worthy of a place in your home, look good and are affordable too 🙂 (I personally find that most interior magazines these days showcase products that are too expensive and out-of-reach for me- heck! How am I supposed to have enough cash to shell out 5,000 Rs on designer candlesticks!
So enough of my rambling – what I wanted to say is that I will make some “Top Picks” posts with affordable, aesthetic and sensible home decor products that you can buy off online websites in India.

Today’s “Top Picks”  collection is in the theme of yellow, green and blue – for a home office. I’ve been looking at this color combination for my home office room/study and I might pick it if I find enough decor products for it. All items are from Lime Road today – I hope you like the fruits of my virtual window shopping 🙂

Top Picks: Blue, Blue-Green, Yellow Home Office


[All photographs taken from Lime]

From left to right:

House This – Yellow camera motif window curtain – Rs 799

A bright and peppy yellow curtain shields you from the harsh lights of the outside world while still appealing to that “nerdy” side of you with the camera motif. This curtain is sure to create an energetic and productive home office 🙂

Conserve – iPad Cover with Flap – Rs 335

iPads do a good job of replacing your PC for most tasks – so why not deck your iPad in style. This cool, navy blue denim iPad cover is my favorite at Lime Road.

Jaipur Blue Pottery – Ceramic Oval Dish – Rs 249

Keep your cell phone, wallet and pen-drives out of your working area by putting them in this sweet ceramic oval dish from Jaipur Blue Pottery – they make it so hard to choose just one dish from their collection! Try pairing it with other dishes in different shapes like a square dish or a round dish for more storage options to keep your stapler, scissors etc 🙂

 House This – Barcode Cushion Cover – Rs 199

Lounge around on this bright and peppy Barcode cushion cover that is sure to jolt you out of writer’s block, worker’s block or any other block 😉 Make your work/ study time more comfortable by adding this cushion to your home office.

Bharat Pottery- Pale Yellow Bone China Mug – Rs 96

If I had this pretty pale yellow mug – I’d use it for everything from tea to water 🙂 Seriously, I have not seen a prettier pale yellow mug – good for those long nights spent poring over blog posts or work reports and conference calls 🙂

Want more?

I hope this post was useful for you and gave you some decor ideas. What color schemes/ decor themes are you looking for?


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