February Wrap Up


The things we did in February – in no particular order:

  • Put away the Christmas tree, star and decor – FINALLY!
  • Got a red clock for our living Room from Home Centre.
  • Got a set of 5 black photo frames from Home Centre.
  • Got an Angry Birds bolster pillow and cushion cover for my nephew Rahul’s birthday gift.
  • Got a Glass vase and artificial flowers for the living room from @ Home.
  • Got two 16″ by 16″ cushions for the living room (still haven’t found the covers that we’re looking for).
  • Finally finished off all the Gift Vouchers we had got for our engagement and wedding – yippee…I still wish I had more :p ).
  • Shuffled around the artwork in our house – the Tanjore painting is now in the Mid area between our bedrooms, the Last Supper is in the Dining Room.

So our To-Do List now looks like this (we added some projects and then crossed off some and deleted some from the list!):

Our House To-Do Jumbo List – The progress so far…


-Make a nice doorplate/ door hanging/ welcome wreath
-Fix outside light and clean lamp shade
-Get a shoe-rack
-Vacuum doormat

Living Room/ Hall

-Decide on decor scheme and what accessories to get. More info about that in a separate post.
-Find a seating arrangement that works
-Create a ‘landing area’ for keys and small items
-Hang photo frame on wall facing door – take photos and print
-Tidy T.V cables and cords
-Get a real/ fake flower arrangement.

Hall Balcony

-Get some green plants – flowering cacti/ money plants?
-Re-tie the clothesline
-Get a small shelf to hold clothespins and plants

Dining Room

-Hang up the curtains
-Buy a dining table and chairs


-Fit the water purifier
-Get purifier tap covers
-Fix leaky tap of water dispenser
Get a spoon stand
-Add some framed art
-Get a clock for the kitchen
-Get a kitchen timer
-Organize pantry, shelves, cupboards, and fridge
-Clean and organize underneath the sink
-Organize Plastic Covers
-Organize box storage
-Find a shelf for my cookbooks
-Tackle the Ant situation (NEW)
-Make a Home Repair and Maintenance Toolbox (NEW)

Kitchen Balcony

-Fix the drippy sink and create a proper washing area
-Tie a clothes line to use in monsoon seasons

Common Bathroom

-Fix the broken tap in the wash basin
-Fix the leaky flush tank
-Fix the unusable commode
-Add some framed art

Guest Bedroom

-Organize household linens into the closet
-Put away holiday decorations into overhead storage
-Organize laundry and cleaning supplies elsewhere (not in dressing area )
-Find a place for the laundry basket
-Get curtains for window

Guest Bathroom

-Permanently unclog drains
-Fix tube light
-Make the flush tank stop dripping

Master Bedroom

-Organize top of dresser
-Frame my brother’s seascape painting and hang it up
-Reorganize my Closet
Get one more white basket for storing hubby’s socks and handkerchiefs
-Vacuum floor mat

Master Bathroom

– Hang artwork
-Vacuum doormat

Office Room

-Fix leaky window pane that drips onto our floor
-Move plastic table in and set up workstation
-Buy two plastic chairs
-Hang one piece of art
-Get curtains for window
-Get a printer
-Fix the internet connection (Wi-Fi)
-Organize our important documents and papers
-Hang a blackboard/ bulletin board


-Hang artwork



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