Crawling before walking ;)


A lot of people I know are getting married in the near future or have gotten married recently. While being married for only 5 months makes me too much of a novice to give marriage advice – cooking my own meals for the same time and managing a house has made me a “grown-up” in some ways – and I am being  asked for suggestions on dealing with food for a household.

I was terrified of the gas stove from school days  – I still am afraid in some ways but for the most part am used to the stove because we have an auto-ignite stove these days 🙂 I love to eat and love to bake – to top it off I have many awesome home cooks in my family – my mom, both grandmothers and most of my aunts. It was only a matter of time before I started cooking after marriage – but it is going to take me quite a while to learn to cook like them 🙂

I’ve been asked multiple times recently for easy vegetarian recipes. Somehow there is this belief that veg cooking is difficult and requires a lot of procedures and chopping – this true partly – yes there is a lot of chopping but if I can do it then so can you. So after days of wondering if I should post recipes here or not – I’ve decided to go ahead and start recipe-fying this blog 🙂 As I love my husband’s cooking – you can be sure to find some of his recipes here too. I have a jumbo notebook full of recipes from my mother, grandmother and aunts so I will post them too whenever I get to try something from the book.

Talking about recipe books— I am a recipe book cook – something about following procedures and measurments always seems to appeal to me – guess that comes from my love of procedure writing (current job as tech writer) and from my love of chemistry and science experiements! I love to try new recipes but I don’t mess around too much in a given recipe. I am not adventurous enough to replace eggplant with mango in a baingan burta recipe or anything similarly dangerous 🙂 I have been and always will be a “by-the-book-cook” and I have embraced that fact 😀

My two thoughts for people who are either learning to cook or learning to cook vegetarian dishes:

  • Crawl before you can walk – If you are an absolute cooking newbie like me, do simple stir fries and basic curries before attempting fancy vegetable bakes, stuffed pastas and other culinary tricks 🙂 The first dish you cook should be something simple like scrambled eggs or kachiyamoru ( buttermilk curry). 
  • Even good cooks burn the toast from time to time – it is important to try recipes that you like to eat, recipes that seem easy to you and try these recipes out in a relaxed manner. Sometimes mistakes happen, things burn and sometimes turn out inedible. Keep Calm and Curry On! Even fancy cooks burn simple things like toast so it is important to go easy on yourself and be patient and accept that you may have to try a recipe out twice or thrice to get a hang of it.

One more thing to keep in mind – when entertaining company or cooking in a hurry – it is always better to cook something familiar and cook it well than attempt something fancy for the first time and have it explode in your face.

P.S: This post was just a warning that you might get to see more recipe and food posts here in the future – I am not turning into a certified food blogger – just sharing whatever I know about cooking 🙂