My new blog and some dreams


Sorry to start negatively but I’ve been falling sick like nobody’s business in September and that has had me desperately hoping that October will be kinder to me.

The hubby and I have finally started apartment hunting – we would like to buy an apartment as a long term investment. So far it has just been a lot of trudging around construction sites and trade fairs. Finding something in our budget seems to be difficult 😦

Until we find our dream house, and while I was at home being sick -I have been dreaming about home decor and thinking of how I would decorate my future apartment. I even created a lovely little Pinterest board for it too 🙂 BTW, are you on Pinterest? Do check out my decor dreams board here:


The reason I have been “pinning” inspiration images like mad is because I have suddenly realized that I don’t know what my decor style is! (Yes! I still don’t know it even after having read tons of interior design magazines from childhood and following tons of blogs!!! Grrr… ) I would like to pin down (sorry pun intended!) my style before we buy an apartment so that I won’t waste time picking out furniture that I won’t like in the long run!

Some quick questions:

(Wait!! Before you throw any bricks at me!) – this one is just for my interior design passions. I would like to keep this blog (Sarah Joshua) as my personal blog about me and my family and not clutter it up with my decor posts. That is why my decor related posts will be at:

So please do stop by 🙂 And do tell me if you think another blog by me is unnecessary and if you would continue to read my thoughts about home decor right here on this blog itself 🙂