Beauty and the Beast (Me)


Maybe this is part of a quarter-life crisis but I think I like makeup these days! I know that I usually write only about my life, my hubby and my home on this blog….but I have this burning desire to write something about myself these days and my eternal quest for beauty….both inside and outside.

*ducks and covers head with hands to shield self from missiles aimed at me.
I am not turning into a make up junkie or bimbo (ok…I am trying not to!) but over the past month I have desperately wanted to buy some makeup. So yesterday, I took the plunge and bought some stuff online (a detailed post about that will be up when my stuff arrives). My impulse buy was the biggest amount I’ve ever spent on makeup but I am convincing myself that it is all worth it 🙂
I’ve never been a makeup person – in fact I think I learnt how to wear eyeliner only in the past few years! The most I’ve ever been made-up (on my own) is wearing eye-liner, kohl pencil and lipstick at once…yeah I know! I sound like cave-woman but I assure you that I am more of a late bloomer than a cro-magnon woman. 
I think this urge to wear make up is because my thirties are staring me in the face and because I have slowly been paying more attention to the make up people around me wear. I have been feeling ashamed that if even a “busy” mother of a toddler has time to paint her toe nails to match her outfits and always has perfectly shaped eye brows then why the hell don’t I do all that! Maybe this obsession is just to distract me from other pressing issues in my life but I’m not complaining 🙂
I’ve recently started paying attention to my skin and trying to take care of my face in a better way. I have bad hormonal acne and a ton of scars from old breakouts that I have to deal with. I’ve just started following a Day and Night routine to cleanse and moisturize my face (it’s been only 20 days and I’ve not had a major breakouts just small painless ones). 
I will share my Daily skin care routine here sometime…Do share your routines too…