I’m back…Sorry about the long silence – I just had to move to another country! Oh yes! My husband had to move to the U.S.A for work and so I quit my job and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina – two weeks ago.

I’ve finally gotten over the jet lag and time zone differences – it took me 4 days! I’ve spent the last two weeks recovering from my long travel time (almost 24 hours due to flight delays!) and the two months I spent before travelling in winding up my work, finishing all my paperwork, clearing up our apartment, donating and giving away our furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, books and what not.

During the last couple of weeks I have been living on the edge in terms of food choices and eating junk.

  • I tried a beef burger – even though I am a vegetarian I will admit that it was tasty with jalapenos and cheese 🙂
  • I ate almost 2 full Andouille Pork Sausages with Cajun Seasoning in them!!
  • I had a veggie wrap at a Greek restaurant and it was really good!! Oh the garlic sauce makes my mouth water by just thinking of it!
  • Along with a glass of Syrah wine, I had a wood-fired, thin crust Greek Pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil for the first time in my life. It was good too.
  • I marinated chicken for the first time and helped my hubby grill it on the stove top!
  • I’ve been packing lunches for the hubby for the first time – I managed only 3 days out of 5 so that’s something I have to learn and improve.

So what have you been up to?


My Daily Skin Care Routine – 2014


2014 is all about forming new “good” habits for me. I have made some significant changes to my daily routine and I hope that I can continue with it. From December when I had the Hormonal problems, my skin took a big hit. By big hit I mean it became awful! Since starting my new products my skin has been behaving quite well , so I thought I’d do a ‘routine’ post to remind myself of the routine and how to continue it.

The Routine I follow: I use this twice a day – once in the morning after my bath and once at night just before I get to bed. I do not use any other soaps or face washes on my skin during my bath.

  1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Wash: I use a pea sized amount and work up a lather before applying it to my wet face. I then gently scrub my face using my fingers in a circular motion before I wash it off with water. I pat dry my face with my face towel.
  2. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: This is the first toner that I have used in my life. While I wait till my skin has dried from the previous step I shake up the bottle to activate the toner. I splash a few drops of toner onto a cotton ball and gently wipe my face with it (avoiding my eye region). Then on the other end of the cotton ball I apply few more drops of toner to my neck. Wait for everything to dry again.
  3. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion: Though this is actually more of a “Day” lotion, I use it twice a day to moisturize my face. I take a small amount of the lotion and dot my face with it taking care to apply it on my pimples and stubborn pimple marks. I again avoid my eye region as the tea tree range sometimes gives me a tingly feeling on my skin which can cause my eyes to burn.
  4. Vit E eye cream: I have really dry stretchy feeling skin around my eyes and sometimes my eyelids also feel weary. I dot my eye area with the cream and very gently blend it into my skin using my middle finger for less force 🙂 It feels little too sticky if I get it too near the inner corners of my eyes but now that I have learned how to apply it properly – my eye lids feel much more refreshed and less dry.
Other products in my routine:
  1. Himalaya Revitalizing Night Cream: I’ve been using this at night & I like it. It is a bit too rich for daily use so I try to use it maybe about once a week and during that time I don’t use the skin clearing lotion.
  2. The Body Shop Pure Tea Tree Oil: I use this on Friday and Saturday night, just dabbing a drop onto my pimples old and new with a ear bud. This is a miracle! It dries out rising pimple stars and reduces the puffiness or irritation caused by the really fat pimples.

Beauty and the Beast (Me)


Maybe this is part of a quarter-life crisis but I think I like makeup these days! I know that I usually write only about my life, my hubby and my home on this blog….but I have this burning desire to write something about myself these days and my eternal quest for beauty….both inside and outside.

*ducks and covers head with hands to shield self from missiles aimed at me.
I am not turning into a make up junkie or bimbo (ok…I am trying not to!) but over the past month I have desperately wanted to buy some makeup. So yesterday, I took the plunge and bought some stuff online (a detailed post about that will be up when my stuff arrives). My impulse buy was the biggest amount I’ve ever spent on makeup but I am convincing myself that it is all worth it 🙂
I’ve never been a makeup person – in fact I think I learnt how to wear eyeliner only in the past few years! The most I’ve ever been made-up (on my own) is wearing eye-liner, kohl pencil and lipstick at once…yeah I know! I sound like cave-woman but I assure you that I am more of a late bloomer than a cro-magnon woman. 
I think this urge to wear make up is because my thirties are staring me in the face and because I have slowly been paying more attention to the make up people around me wear. I have been feeling ashamed that if even a “busy” mother of a toddler has time to paint her toe nails to match her outfits and always has perfectly shaped eye brows then why the hell don’t I do all that! Maybe this obsession is just to distract me from other pressing issues in my life but I’m not complaining 🙂
I’ve recently started paying attention to my skin and trying to take care of my face in a better way. I have bad hormonal acne and a ton of scars from old breakouts that I have to deal with. I’ve just started following a Day and Night routine to cleanse and moisturize my face (it’s been only 20 days and I’ve not had a major breakouts just small painless ones). 
I will share my Daily skin care routine here sometime…Do share your routines too…

My new blog and some dreams


Sorry to start negatively but I’ve been falling sick like nobody’s business in September and that has had me desperately hoping that October will be kinder to me.

The hubby and I have finally started apartment hunting – we would like to buy an apartment as a long term investment. So far it has just been a lot of trudging around construction sites and trade fairs. Finding something in our budget seems to be difficult 😦

Until we find our dream house, and while I was at home being sick -I have been dreaming about home decor and thinking of how I would decorate my future apartment. I even created a lovely little Pinterest board for it too 🙂 BTW, are you on Pinterest? Do check out my decor dreams board here:


The reason I have been “pinning” inspiration images like mad is because I have suddenly realized that I don’t know what my decor style is! (Yes! I still don’t know it even after having read tons of interior design magazines from childhood and following tons of blogs!!! Grrr… ) I would like to pin down (sorry pun intended!) my style before we buy an apartment so that I won’t waste time picking out furniture that I won’t like in the long run!

Some quick questions:

(Wait!! Before you throw any bricks at me!) – this one is just for my interior design passions. I would like to keep this blog (Sarah Joshua) as my personal blog about me and my family and not clutter it up with my decor posts. That is why my decor related posts will be at:

So please do stop by 🙂 And do tell me if you think another blog by me is unnecessary and if you would continue to read my thoughts about home decor right here on this blog itself 🙂


I’m back….


I haven’t made much progress on my house list…I don’t think I will do most of the items on that list 😦 For now, I’m just casually thinking of changing up my decor scheme and being a rebel 🙂 Just because I can….

I’ve been offline for quite a long time…but I’ve been busy and I have experienced many things that I forgot to share here… I’m thinking of blogging here again…let me see if I can…sometimes it hurts to think too much – I’m pretty sure that’s why I have a headache now 🙂

Good to be back…let’s see how it goes…

Crawling before walking ;)


A lot of people I know are getting married in the near future or have gotten married recently. While being married for only 5 months makes me too much of a novice to give marriage advice – cooking my own meals for the same time and managing a house has made me a “grown-up” in some ways – and I am being  asked for suggestions on dealing with food for a household.

I was terrified of the gas stove from school days  – I still am afraid in some ways but for the most part am used to the stove because we have an auto-ignite stove these days 🙂 I love to eat and love to bake – to top it off I have many awesome home cooks in my family – my mom, both grandmothers and most of my aunts. It was only a matter of time before I started cooking after marriage – but it is going to take me quite a while to learn to cook like them 🙂

I’ve been asked multiple times recently for easy vegetarian recipes. Somehow there is this belief that veg cooking is difficult and requires a lot of procedures and chopping – this true partly – yes there is a lot of chopping but if I can do it then so can you. So after days of wondering if I should post recipes here or not – I’ve decided to go ahead and start recipe-fying this blog 🙂 As I love my husband’s cooking – you can be sure to find some of his recipes here too. I have a jumbo notebook full of recipes from my mother, grandmother and aunts so I will post them too whenever I get to try something from the book.

Talking about recipe books— I am a recipe book cook – something about following procedures and measurments always seems to appeal to me – guess that comes from my love of procedure writing (current job as tech writer) and from my love of chemistry and science experiements! I love to try new recipes but I don’t mess around too much in a given recipe. I am not adventurous enough to replace eggplant with mango in a baingan burta recipe or anything similarly dangerous 🙂 I have been and always will be a “by-the-book-cook” and I have embraced that fact 😀

My two thoughts for people who are either learning to cook or learning to cook vegetarian dishes:

  • Crawl before you can walk – If you are an absolute cooking newbie like me, do simple stir fries and basic curries before attempting fancy vegetable bakes, stuffed pastas and other culinary tricks 🙂 The first dish you cook should be something simple like scrambled eggs or kachiyamoru ( buttermilk curry). 
  • Even good cooks burn the toast from time to time – it is important to try recipes that you like to eat, recipes that seem easy to you and try these recipes out in a relaxed manner. Sometimes mistakes happen, things burn and sometimes turn out inedible. Keep Calm and Curry On! Even fancy cooks burn simple things like toast so it is important to go easy on yourself and be patient and accept that you may have to try a recipe out twice or thrice to get a hang of it.

One more thing to keep in mind – when entertaining company or cooking in a hurry – it is always better to cook something familiar and cook it well than attempt something fancy for the first time and have it explode in your face.

P.S: This post was just a warning that you might get to see more recipe and food posts here in the future – I am not turning into a certified food blogger – just sharing whatever I know about cooking 🙂